Been neglecting the blogosphere...

Everything has been getting posted on Facebook for the most part but I ought to give an update here. Branded has been uploaded to CreateSpace and I've ordered the proof. It should be here in a few days. It's weird that I should have a real copy of my book in hand by the end of the week! There's a good chance I might cry when I open the box... lol

I also uploaded my other book, Ever Burning, and ordered a copy of that one to. I didn't have any intention of doing this but Justin talked me into it. I'm planning on rewriting it and making it quite a bit different and it will only be one book instead of a series, albeit a long book. But Justin talked me into getting just a few copies of the original version so I'm waiting to get that too.

I get so frustrated with the whole writing industry sometimes. I tried for about 5 months to get an agent and while I had quite a bit of interest, couldn't get anyone to bite. Yet on HarperCollins website I get AMAZING feedback. And it's not like people are just being nice. I see tons of people get ripped apart! I've had about 3 people tell me my writing is better than Steven Kings! And they tell me Branded is the scariest thing they've ever read (weird to me, it's not really meant to be scary, at least it isn't scary to me. It's also kind of funny to me because I've NEVER read a horror book). I don't want to brag but here's the link to every one's feedback if you interested in what people have to say.

Anyway, as soon as I get the proof and if it's ok it will be up for sale on Amazon. If you want a copy you can either order it on there or if you want a signed copy you can get them from me.


We live in a Zoo! said...

I really cannot wait to get your book!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want a signed copy Keary!!!