A little bit of good news

I came across a new author the other day who's first novel is coming out this fall. She's from Port Angeles, WA which isn't too far away from me. On her website it listed her agent, Sarah Jane Freymann. I checked out the website, they don't do much fiction but looks like they are trying to build a paranormal/YA client list. So I thought, what the heck. I sent them a query letter last night and got a request for the full manuscript this morning! YAY!

I get mixed feelings every time this happens recently. It's easy to get excited and think "This is it! Here comes my big break!". I know better now though. This is my 5th request now and I still haven't managed to land an agent. I won't give up hope but I won't let my hopes get so high that they get crushed.

Hopefully she will just love Branded though and sign me!


Morgan said...

SOOOOOO exciting! I hope something come out of this! Congrats and keep me posted. :D and p.s you can want- what's the agents name? Paranormal romance is my genre too! Woot Woo!

maymay said...

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