Okay, so maybe I'm a little pathetic and obsessed...

Here's the story:

My little family owns the golf course here on Orcas Island and we live where the maintinance shop is. There tend to be a lot of mice where large open expanses of grass are (ex. golf course...). I've been worried about the mice getting out of hand so we decided to get a kitten that will eventually be able to take care of them for us. Neither my husband or I like cats much but they do get the job done. So today my daughter and I went to get a cat. We've been debating what to call him all afternoon. I toyed with the idea of calling him Alex, after the main guy in my book Branded. I just wasn't sure about it though.

I was looking at his markings and said to my sister-in-law, "that's weird it looks like he has a pair of lungs on his back." She says, "no, they look like a pair of wings!" I couldn't believe I didn't see it! LOL So... I think we have to call him Alex now. If you've read my book, you know what I mean!

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