An Interesting Experience

So, as everyone knows, I used a self-publishing service for my novel Branded.  My husband mentioned to one of our members at the golf course we own that I had done this.  And this certain member expressed interest in using them as well.  He has written 5 or 6 books and self-published them, as in really self published them in a lot more complicated way than the service I used them.  They have done alright sales wise but only as well as a self-published book will ever do.  He had an agent at one point and after talking to him for a little bit the whole situation sounded a little haokey.  He told me how he had gotten 26 rejection letters from publishing companies and said how the agent was obviously not the right one for him.

This certain member is Warren Miller.  As in the creator of Warren Miller Entertainment, producer of over 500 movies and THE name in the ski industry.  And he was coming to ME for publishing advice!  Whoa, just a little intimidating.

After we talked and I told him what I could about CreateSpace, the service I used, I got thinking.  How in the heck does Warren Miller not have agents knocking at his door asking to rep him?  Weird. 

So I got online and researched some agents who rep the type of stuff Warren writes.  I found Jake Elwell, who used to represent Dan Brown, ya, Dan Brown!  Even though they are different in that Warren writes non-fiction, the agent said he reped that too.  So I sent him an email, explaining like I just did here, and asking how someone like Warren should go about trying to get an agent.  I got an email a few minutes later (with agents your lucky to hear back from them within a week) saying that he is actually a huge fan of Warrens and that he would love to hear from Warren.  "Have him call me!" 

Interesting situation.  I will let Warren know.  Maybe a door could be opening for both Warren and possibly myself...


Nicole MacDonald said...

Whoa! That must have made you go *gulp*

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Kindness is a perfume that lingers on the hand that gives it away.

I pray that your kindness to Warren Miller will not only help him but help you as well.

You have a delightful blog, Roland

Kassie said...

thats awesome keary!