A bit of good news

I've sent query letters out to a few new agents and a few that requested Branded in my first batch.  I had one agent say she would look again (the one I would most love to be represented by!) and another new agent who looks awesome!  I was really excited because they both requested it within a few hours of sending the query letter.  It's nice not to have to wait.

My editor (aka my mom) finished reading Forsaken, the second book to Branded, while she was up here visiting me over the weekend.  I was really excited for her to finish it, she's been really supportive of my work and has a really good eye for editing.  She said she really enjoyed it (of course she hast to say that... jk, she really did like it).  So, as I let this round of submissions and requests run it's course I'm going to try and get back into writing it again.  I've had some issues pointed out to me that need to be fixed and had a few ideas for things.  Hopefully I can figure out what has been missing from it and finally be satisfied with it.  But it's getting closer and closer to being done!  I've been getting excited to start working on the third book (title still not decided). 

All the while I've been getting anxious to work on Eden more.  I'm finally feeling like I'm connecting with the characters in it and sorting out my feelings for them.  What I have so far (only 14,000 words) needs massive editing, I mean massive, but it has gotten really good response so far.

So there you have it!  That's the latest and greatest!


Morgan said...

congrats on your accomplishments. Sounds like you are on the right track! Congrats. :D

Nicole MacDonald said...

Well done that's really exciting! Good luck with it all :)

The Mecham Family said...

very exciting! :)

Jenni Merritt said...

Go Keary! Im so happy to see you perking up again. Keep us updated on the agents, and keep working on Forsaken! Its awesome!!!