The end of the world has arrived...

I think my computer has died.  So yes, this is the end of the world.  Or it very nearly was.  It was acting weird the other day so as soon as it got back to normal I backed up all my documents.  I can think of nothing worse (okay, I really can but...) than to lose all my documents!  I did do some more writing since I did the back up so I don't have about 1500 words of Eden but hey, it could have been much worse!

So now I have to find someone who can take a look at my laptop and tell me if it really is dead or just playing dead.  And then find a way to take everything off my hard drive and put it on my temporary computer.  Ya, this really isn't a good time for me to have to buy a new computer.  Luckily we have a old desktop that keeps chugging along that will work for the time being.

So if I'm not around much, you know why.  It's kind of hard to write when you don't have a proper computer to use.

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