The Ever Chronicles cover

I can't believe that I keep forgetting to post this.  I created a new cover for The Ever Chronicles.  The old one was actually just done with CreateSpace's cover generator and was VERY blah.  So I played around in photoshop for a few hours and created a new one.  You may have seen it floating around the Internet for the past week or so but here it is here!

And here's the full spread:

I'm still waiting for the proof copy to get here.  I'm hoping it will come tomorrow.  If you don't know the history of Ever Burning here it is. 

Ever Burning was the first novel I wrote (if you don't count the one I wrote with Kim at the ripe old age of 14).  It was intended to be a 4 book series.  After I submitted it to agents and started writing Branded I realized it really wasn't all that great.  So it got pushed to the way-way-back-there burner.  Someday I may rewrite it, if I ever have a gap of time where I'm not working on something else.  When I decided to self-publish Branded Justin asked why I didn't do the same to Ever Burning, if only to just have a printed and bound copy for myself.  So I went ahead and did it.  Well, a button got pushed wrong somewhere and suddenly it was for sale on Amazon!  Gulp...  I took it down, intending that no one should ever read its awfulness but it is still there, "out of stock" for all the world to know that I wrote it. 

But there you are.  The story of why Ever Burning is out in the world.  At least now it's got a cool cover...  (btw, if you REALLY want to read this, there is a way to buy it... I just have to tell you how to find it...)


Mad Scientist said...

Look at that cover. Just wow!

I'd say more but I'm breathless!

Mad Scientist

Anonymous said...

hey, this looks awesome and sounds really cool, i love all you work :)
how can i buy it? xx