The day has finally arrived.  I knew it would come eventually.

I got my first bad review.

Ugh... ya, it sucks.  It sounds like she mostly didn't like my MC.  But you know what, it's okay.  Cause here's the thing:

Not everyone is going to like it.  No one can write a book that everyone is going to like.

And another things is, my book just isn't for everyone.  Some people just aren't going to get Branded.  It's dark, very dark.  I've got some things in there that people aren't going to like.  I think that was part of this reviewers problem with it.  There was something in the ending that she just really didn't like.  Some stuff in Branded is a bit hard to swallow.  But I'm not going to apologize for it.  That's my book, it is what it is.

Now, another thing I saw from a comment what was made from the bad review was how tired someone is of all the angel books lately.  I've been thinking about doing this lately and I think now is a good time.  This next part is a bit of a repost from a blog I did back in June.

You all know that the title of my series is the "Fall of Angels".  There are a LOT of angel contemporary fantasy novels coming out right now and pretty much all of the involve fallen or guardian angels, or nephiliam or a combination of them all.

When I talk about my Fall of Angels, I never, ever thought of them in terms of being fallen angels.  A little explanation:  In my books, everyone becomes an angel when you die.  You go through a trial once you die and the deeds of your life determine of you will be branded and sent to hell or if you will be exalted and sent to paradise.  Once you've been judged, that is when you get your wings and become an angel.

So, when I say "Fall of Angels" I'm talking basically about the fall of everyone, of mankind. I'm talking about the things that make us fall, the mistakes we make, our frailties, essentially, what makes us human.  We all have faults. We all do things that aren't perfect, no one is perfect.

So if you're sick of fallen angels already please still consider Branded.  No fallen angels, just fallen and imperfect people.


R. Anderson said...

Keep your chin up! I agree--not everyone is going to love what you do 100% of the time. But the world is large enough that we're all bound to find enough of the people who DO get what we do and why we do it:-D

Melissa said...

Think of it this way - if you're getting press, it means that people are reading it, whether they like it or not. Half the people that read the reviews will still try the book, and at least half of those people will like it!

Chin up! I look forward to reading it sometime, and I'm sure it's good. Stand by your work and never apologize for it :)

Keary Taylor said...

Thanks girls! I'm keeping my head high. Now to move on with Forsaken!

Mad Scientist said...

I was just thinking chin up :) So, is Anderson & Melissa.

I like dark and I so do many of us. We get in those moods where dark reads are just as good as dark chocolate. Yum!

My dad would say any press is good press and well we all want press. keep writing what you want. That is the fun part.

I must say that i do love your covers. The art really draws my eye in :) Always a good thing, and so are complements. Cheers to you.

Mad Scientist