Er... what was this supposed to be about?

It feels like the last few days have totally gotten away from me.  Things have just been so crazy!  First, we've been doing an addition to our house.  I am SO excited to get it wrapped up and we will be hanging the sheet rock today so YAY for being close!  Two, my daughter seems to be sick again and dealing with a sick 3 year old who isn't really sure exactly what hurts isn't fun.  Three, we went to "America" aka the mainland the other day to get back into civilization and do some major shopping and that is always an all day event.  Literally.  We left at 8 in the morning and got home around 8:30 pm. 

So I haven't gotten a whole lot of writing done the last little bit, which makes me kind of cranky.  Add to that I'm stressing that I have a bunch of giveaway copies of Branded that I need to mail out (not a bunch but like 5) and still haven't had a chance to do so.  And I have been putting off formatting Forsaken to upload it to Kindle and Nook.  Seriously, if you've never had to do it, it is SUCH a pain.

And for some reason I am having a hard time finding anything good to read.  I've started like 4 different books in the last week and nothing has grabbed me yet.  Considering I have 2 entire shelves full of books I have yet to read I should be able to find something!  I'll try again today.

Alright Keary, take a deep breath!  In... out...

Okay, rant over.  Glad to have gotten it out of my system.

On the positive side, I am getting sooo close with Eden.  I realized I've written 28,000 words in the last two and a half weeks.  Not too bad.  I'm really hoping to have the first draft done by this time next week.  I'm going to do a big push next week and wrap things up.  I am really happy with how everything is going.  I've got it all figured out how things are going to end and I think people are really going to be surprised with how it will wrap up.  I'm not planning to make this a series but I am leaving it open to do so if I ever feel the muse.

Not entirely writing related, I've been doing some more stuff in Photoshop.  I've started submitting a few designs to this site that people can host design contests and have gotten some pretty good feedback.  If you're interested in seeing what I've been making you can go to my Flickr account:

Wow, most random ramble ever I think...  Thanks for listening (er... reading)!  I feel a lot better now!


DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Have you read Nightshade by Andrea Cremer yet? If not, it's fantastic! I' hope your addition continues going well!

Anonymous said...

If your looking for something good to read, check out Matched by Ally Condie. I just finished it last night and I really liked it.

Keary Taylor said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I haven't gotten to Nightshade, I've been wary of it for some reason but I think it's time I just read it! lol And I have read Matched recently, it was a great read!