Where are you?

I found something really wonderful last Thursday.  I went to check my Kindle sales and happened to notice this other button on the page I'd never noticed before.  It was my UK sales.  I was surprised I'd never noticed it before.  I clicked it.

My jaw hit the floor.

My sales in the UK are about 300% more than my US sales are.  I couldn't believe the number I was seeing.  A few days later I thought to go look on Amazon's UK site and saw that Branded was the 6th and then 4th bestselling fantasy Kindle book.  Forsaken is the 9th. 


Thank you UK.  I love you.

I had noticed that I had been getting quite a few fan notes from the UK but hadn't thought much of it.  I'm now realizing how the Fall of Angels is spreading.  I had no idea.  It's awesome though.

That being said, I'm curious as to where everyone out there is from.  Leave a comment and let me know!  US or international!


DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Well, I'm from the US, as you know, but I wanted to say congrats on the success! You deserve it all and more. :-)

The Mecham Family said...

I'm from Canada, eh! haha. j/k, good ol' US of A... Congrats!

Morgan said...

That's SOOOOOOO dang cool Keary! Way to go lady. You rock!

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