Conference Stuff - Part 1: Who I Met

I've been swamped by life the last few days it seems, thus my lack of posts about the writers conference.  I did have an amazing time, even if it was a bit different than I was expecting.  There are a LOT of things I could post about it all so I thought I would try and do a few different posts.  First I wanted to start with who was at the conference and who I met.

Conference Speakers and Panel

I'm not going to list everyone because there were a lot of people there but here are some of the ones that I really enjoyed listening to:

Sarah Davies - Greenhouse Agency.  I loved listening to Sarah.  She gave such straight-forward advice and her class was amazing.  I will be writing a lot more about it in a later post.  I kept trying to find a opportunity to talk to her in person but she was a bit flooded.

Holly Black - You know who she is... Holly was the last keynote speaker of the conference and talked a lot about plot and figuring out what it really is.  She made some awesome points that I know will help me to improve my own writing.  And I just have to say she is HILARIOUS!  Yesss...?  haha (sorry, you had to be there I guess)

Tim Travaglini - Freelance Editor.  Tim has worked for so many different publishers as an editor and is now a freelance editor.  He was sooo funny and honestly I loved the whole persona he had with his bow ties and crazy hair!  And he had some great input in the first pages class I went to.

Deborah Wiles - Author of COUNTDOWN.  She was the first keynote speaker of the conference and she was so inspirational.  She talked about writing from what you know and also writing from 3 key places: Your Brain, Your Heart, and Your Gut.  Very good advice.

Dan Santat - Illustrator and author of SIDEKICKS.  All I have to say about Dan is WOW.  He was seriously amazing and when he got choked up at the end of sharing his story I realized there were tears in my own eyes.  Do what you have to get to your own Point B.  Thank you Dan.

Other Amazing People From the Conference:

Megan Bostic - Author of NEVER EIGHTEEN.  I actually chatted with Megan for just a bit via Facebook right before the conference and was happy going knowing that I would at least somewhat know one person.  I had a blast meeting up with her and talking about books and life.

Mike Cressy - Illustrator.  I happened to bump into Mike just before the dance (yeah... they had a dance at the writers conference...) and ended up chatting with him for probably 45 minutes.  While Mike is an illustrator he actually self-published much the same way I did.  He was the first and only other self-published author I met at the conference.

I met a lot of other awesome people but well, this post is getting long enough and I have probably lost your interest by now but it really was awesome!


DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Sounds like you had a great time! The speakers sound like they gave really good workshops/lessons. :-)

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