Here We Go!

It's all starting, the pre-release stuff for EDEN!  I am stoked!  The first giveaway went up today!  Thank you Alex from Electrifying Reviews!  To enter the giveaway go to his post HERE and fill out the form!

I am currently 7,600 words into VINDICATED in the 50,000 words writing challenge.  I do only write 5 days a week usually so that number should be 10,000+ words bigger by the end of the week : )  It's been a little bit of a struggle going from Eve's head back into Jessica's for the fact that they are totally different in pretty much every way but I love Jessica to death and Alex is a blast.  Here's a little teaser for you:  Jessica will be seeing the mom she ran away from at the age of 16 very soon!  Things are about to get interesting!

And here to help me get in the mood to work some more on V (Vindicated) and hopefully help you get psyched for it as well, Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Love the new look for the blog Keary :) and WOO! To Eden & Vindicated, gd I'd love to be able to write 5 days a week *sigh* one day ;p I make a pretty good attempt though *grin*

Jennifer said...

You are awesome and I am DYING for vindicated!
Please let Jessica kick some HEaven and Hell butt to keep her man!!!!

Richard said...
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