My Bill and Graye Cast Picks (EDEN)

I'm going to do two of my cast picks today, since the two are kind of always together in Eden.

Let me introduce you to Bill and Graye.  They're both always a part of Eve's scouting and raiding team.  They're the best protector's Eden's got, aside from Eve of course ;)  The two of them are like family to Eve, the brother's she never had.  They've got each other's backs no matter what.

First up is Bill.  He's the tough silent type who traveled across the country by himself after the world Fell to the infection.  He keeps his past quiet, doesn't talk about where he came from, and despite his years in Eden, no one really knows much about him.  My cast pick for Bill would be Jason Statham from the Transporter movies.

Next up is Graye, Eve's other partner in war and protection.  He's the type that just might blow up at any moment, who keeps everything bottled up inside until he explodes.  Despite his  young age, he lost his wife and child to the Fall, he was the only survivor.  Some in Eden might think of him as selfish, but Eve starts to realize that he's just trying to take something back from the world that took everything away from him.  My cast pick would be Kellan Lutz from, well, Twilight, lol.

What about you?  Who would be your Bill or Graye cast picks?

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