My Sarah and Royce Cast Picks (EDEN)

Wow, it's been forever since I've done a post!  Sorry about that!

So to wrap up my EDEN cast picks I have Sarah and Royce for you!  Sarah is Avian's younger sister and has been like a sister to Eve ever since she showed up in Eden.  She's the caring type who'd take in anyone who needed taking care of, she's a tender-hearted person.  My cast pick for Sarah would be Erica Durance from Smallville.

Up next is Royce.  You don't meet Royce until the last third or so of Eden but he's an important character.  Without giving too much away if you haven't read Eden yet, Royce is the leader of another group of survivors.  He's ex-military with a background in weapon's development.  He doesn't take any crap and he's a natural born leader.  My cast pick for Royce would be Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy.

What about you?  Who would you pick to play Sarah and Royce?


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