Week End Wrap-Up (3)

Yet again this week I don't have a ton for you guys.  Summer is speeding by so fast I'm afraid if I blink once it will be over.  Things are just crazy but awesome right now!

The only link I have to share with you today is an interview I did with the amazing and super sweet DJ who always makes me smile from DJ's Life in Fiction.  You can read it HERE.

Oh yeah, if you're on Google+ come find me HERE (hope this link works anyway, lol).  Honestly I think I like Google+ more than I like Facebook now, though I don't use G+ as much just for the fact that there aren't as many people on it, yet...!

Just to let you guys all know, I am going out of town today to see my family for two weeks so you may not see any blog posts from me till I get back.  I'll miss you guys but I miss my family more!  I will be back the first weekend in August and I'll catch up with you all then!

Have an awesome weekend!

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DJ's Life in Fiction said...

Thanks for the mention and you always make me smile, too. Hope you have a fun and safe trip!