Probably The Coolest Thing I Have Ever Been Given

While I was away I was given this really neat box:

Inside there were these strange round button things:

Inside was this beautiful, perfect condition writing thingy!

It acts like an instant printer when you push the buttons!

And it even knows how to spell my name without spell checker telling me to change it to Kearny or Kerry.

Isn't it beautiful?!

So the backstory:  
I was visiting my extended family who live in Ucon, Idaho and mentioned how my friend Jenni Merritt did this amazing author photoshoot with a typewriter that I loved.  I told them how someday I would love to copy her and would love to find an old typewriter of my own but was having a hard time finding one.  Well my aunt mentioned how she though my grandma had one I could probably borrow sometime, she called grandma, and grandma told me to come over.

As she pulled out this amazing black box, she told me how it was her mother's, so my great-grandma's who passed away last year.  She told me about how she was this amazing fast typist.  And then she opened the box and I nearly stopped breathing, it was just so beautiful.  I fawned over it, drooled a bit, and was just elated that something so cool was in my family.

And then she asked if I wanted it.

I nearly died with joy!  I just said "yesyesyesyes!"  I couldn't believe it!  Grandma said it was just going to sit in her garage otherwise and never be looked at again.  She said she couldn't think of anyone better to give it to.  And grandma basically made my whole month!  I couldn't have asked for something cooler or more meaningful to me.

So now I am the proud owner of my great-grandmother's working 1920'something Remington Remette typewriter!  And I couldn't be more proud.


Jason and Kim said...

I'm impressed by how clean it is. What a gift! If you know of any good care tips, go ahead and share.

Dia said...

Keary! Welcome back. ;) You wouldn't believe how funny that is, because I JUST got a typewriter too! Doesn't it feel awesome to be like a writer in the old days? I know I think so!

Jenni Merritt said...

Wow, so awesome! And pretty! I did love doing my shoot, thought I wish I owned a type writing thingy of my own.

Hey, so... I will be there in a few weeks. Do I feel a photo shoot in store?

Safari Poet said...

I love the sound they make when you're typing. I have no idea why though :-)

Kristie Cook said...

It's beautiful! What a great keepsake for you.

~Crystal~ said...

That's so awesome! So beautiful :)

The Mecham Family said...

very cool!

Abby said...

Oh WOW! That is super cool. So much sentimental value, PLUS all the super coolness that it possesses anyway. Love it.modermar

Caitlin said...

Oh I love it! And am so jealous! I have had an old typewriter since I was 8-years-old, I wrote my first stories on it, but it has needed a new ribbon for years. Happy writing with that beautiful machine!