Photo Shoot with Jenni Merritt Photography

A few weeks ago I got the amazing chance to go do a photo shoot with Jenni Merritt, writer extraordinairefabulous photographer, and my really good friend.  So I packed up my things early in the morning, got on the ferry, and went over to San Juan Island for a few hours.  I seriously had a blast with Jenni and it was so good to actually see her (we talk online pretty much every day but have only met in person about 5 times)!

So without further ado, here's the amazing pictures she snapped!


With my great-grandmother's typewriter :)

It was really windy that day so my hair was doing some interesting things... lol

This was an amazing grass field.  It was right next to the ocean (camera is pointed away from it) and it was just a HUGE beautiful field.

I believe I will use this as my official author photo!  You can't see it that well, but that would indeed be the Pacific Ocean behind me.

I do believe this is my favorite picture of the lot!  

I have to say THANK YOU again to Jenni for such an amazing job!  I couldn't be happier with the pictures!


Jenni Merritt said...

Thank YOU for letting me take them! It was a great day! (And too great spending time with you! Man, I need to live closer!)

You are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

By the way: By San Juan City...where do you excactly mean Puerto Rico??

Keary Taylor said...

@Jenni - Thank you! And yes, you do need to live closer!

@Electro Scream - San Juan Island is in Washington State. There are a ton of islands between Seattle and Vancouver Island called the San Juan Islands. I live on one of them called Orcas Island, Jenni was visiting San Juan.

Heather Anastasiu said...

Love these pics! You are SO gorgeous!!!!!

Morgan said...

You are sooo lovely. Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Ooh Okay. Now I get it :)