VINDICATED's Release Date!

I am so excited to share Vindicated's release date with you today!  I know I've taken my time in sharing it with everyone.  Most places around the web have said that the release date would be February or March of 2012... which probably feels like forever away.  I've really wanted to make sure I could meet a deadline I set and now I am sure that Vindicated will be ready for you all by:

November 29, 2011!

Yep, well before the end of this year!  YAY!  And look, there's a cool little countdown over there tracking it all for you ---->  (you might have to scroll down just a little bit)

I'm hoping that I can share the cover with all of you within the next week or so, but be patient with me.  It's coming soon!

Now back to work for me!


DJ D. said...

AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! SO EXCITED! That's a few weeks after my bday, too. :-)

squibbers09 said...

yay I can't wait I love this series

Jamie Manning said...

Yay!!!! Can't wait to finish this series, Keary! Oh, and I'm still waiting on that Eden sequel. You don't have to release can just send it directly to me, that's fine. ;-P

Congrats on Vindicated's release date!

David Powers King said...

That's so totally awesome!

Found your blog, thanks to E.R. King. Lovely place. And your stories sound most intriguing. :)