Lookie! Lookie!

The UPS truck stopped at my house today.

He brought me a beautiful present...

YAY!  My proof copy finally came today and my what a beautiful sight it was to see!

It's so weird to see them all together and realize that this is it!

I did order bookmarks of all 3 (and a half...) books, but for some reason the Vindicated and Afterlife ones didn't get delivered.  I'll have to post pics of the series of bookmarks when they come tomorrow : )

I've sent out the ARC's to a handful of bloggers.  If you'd like to request one shoot me an email to me(at)kearytaylor(dot)com.  If you filled out the form before your copy got sent out today!  Oh, and just a heads up, Vindicated and Afterlife will be releasing earlier than the 29th!  I can't give you an exact date yet, but it shall be SOON!  You guys know me, I'm sooo not patient!

My stack is growing!!


Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

Omg, they all look so awesome! :) LOVE your stack of books! And Ever Burning looks awesome!

JUgale said...

So exciting!! I can't wait to read Vindicated :)

Morgan said...

YEAH!!!!!! Look at you! Yippee. :D

Nicole MacDonald said...

*swoon* so beautiful!