My New Book has a title, and a cover!

Okay, I think I've been teasing you all long enough, especially on Twitter and Facebook.  I've been talking a little about this new book I've been working on.  I just finished the first draft New Year's Eve and am just starting in on the edits (ugh... the editing...)!  So, I think now is a good time to finally reveal the title, the cover, and the (rough) synopsis!


What I Didn't Say



Getting drunk Homecoming night your senior year is never a good idea, but Jake Hayes never expected it all to end with a car crash and a t-post embedded in his throat.

His biggest regret about it all? What he never said to Samantha Shay. He’s been in love with her for years and never had the guts to tell her. Now it’s too late. Because after that night, Jake will never be able to talk again.

When Jake returns to his small island home, population 5,000, he’ll have to learn how to deal with being mute. He also finds that his family isn’t limited to his six brothers and sisters, that sometimes an entire island is watching out for you. And when he gets the chance to spend more time with Samantha, she’ll help him learn that not being able to talk isn’t the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Maybe, if she’ll let him, Jake will finally tell her what he didn’t say before, even if he can’t actually say it.

(not final synopsis)

Release Date?:

This is a tad bit up in the air.  While I'm making really good progress, there is a chance this will have to be set aside for a while with everything that is going to be happening with Eden.  Not saying this WILL happen, but there's a chance.  But if everything keeps going smooth, as long as I am able to keep working on it like I want to, I plan to release it sometime in April.  Sorry, I can't be much more specific than that.

So, what do you think?  Of the cover, of the title, of the idea?  I'm really excited about this project, it's very near and dear to my heart.  It's set on the island I live on, I talk about real places, and share the craziness of living in such a small population.  And it is based on some of my own personal life experiences (no, I am not mute, but you'll learn more when the book releases).  This is a bit different for me too in the fact that the main character is a 17 year old boy, and it's told in 3rd person.

I really hope you all love it when it comes out!


Patricia's Particularity said...

I love the synopsis of this book! Sounds like it is really going to pull at the heart strings and I'll need many tissues. I hope you don't mind but I posted a Cover Reveal. Your covers have always amazed me :)

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

It looks like an interesting story :) Good luck with the edits!

JensenFam said...

So, when do we get to pre-release purchase? Can't wait to learn all about Orcas from a different perspective. It all sounds exciting.

Gisela said...

Sounds like a really good book. I cant wait to read it!!!

Nicole MacDonald said...

I can see this being a big hit, Keary :) well done!

We live in a Zoo! said...


Morgan said...

Chills- seriously. Very, very exciting stuff Keary!

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

It looks and sounds great. Very unique!

Nikki Jefford said...

I LOVE that you're setting a story in the San Juan Islands.

People always told me I should set stories in Alaska, but it never felt interesting having grown up there. Now I'm starting to appreciate the unique places I keep landing in. Definitely need to make use of them!

Christie - The Fiction Enthusiast said...

This sounds fabulous, Keary & I adore the cover!

Samantha Young said...

This sounds fantastic, Keary :-) I can't wait to read it!