Cover Lust (18)

The Tonton have been defeated. Lugh has been rescued.
The heartstone has brought Saba and Jack together.
Now, Saba and her family head west to meet him and start a new life. All should be well.
But shadows of the dead are stalking Saba.
And another kind of shadow is creeping over the dustlands.
Then a messenger shows up.
With news of Jack.

Publication Info:
Hardcover, 448 pages
Expected publication: October 30th 2012
by Margaret K. McElderry

Why I Lust this cover:
Whew!  Did it just get really hot in here?!  Just look at that guy!  I love the shadowing of the the model, love the desert hot look of the background.  Even though it's different from the first book (*grumble about non matching covers on my shelf...*) I actually prefer the new covers.  They're simple yet effective.  Seriously can't wait to read this, Blood Red Road was one of my top 5 reads of 2011!


Agnieszka Nashi said...

No kidding, this just made me move Blood Red Road a bit on my TBR pile, this cover is HOT!

The Haunted Rose said...

He looks so hot. I would totally read the book just by seeing that cover. :) my to read list just got one more. :)