How Do You Like Your Reviews?

I currently have 3 books that I need to write reviews for (Starters, Welcome Caller This is Chloe, and A Million Suns) and I got to thinking about the reader actually reading the reviews.  Do people have time to read long, detailed reviews?  Or do they want just the gist of what you thought and your star rating?  I've noticed with myself that I tend to just quickly skim the review, picking out some of the good and the bad, and them scroll down to the star rating.

So I ask you.  How do you like your reviews?  Long and explained in fine detail, or short and to the point?


Lisa said...

I like them both. Depending on the book and how well the review is written. Long is good as long as it is not babbling and short is good as long as it makes the right point.

Anonymous said...

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