Keary = a big ball of nerves

The title says it all.  I am one gigantic ball of nerves lately.

I guess that's normal when you're 23 days from releasing a book.

But this is the 5th book that I'm releasing.  I didn't expect to feel this scared about it.  I should be a pro about this kind of thing by now, right?

But I've never written a book that is this personal before.  You all will be finding out something about me at the end of the book that I don't tell many people.  This story is close to my heart and it's not something that is easy to share with the world.

And this is something else that I didn't expect to feel:  I won't pretend otherwise, me and my books have done really well.  I have a lot of readers out there who say they will read anything I write.  A lot of people are anticipating this book.  And I worry that somehow I won't live up to their expectations.  I thought I'd be a master at this point, that I'd have absolute confidence in what I write.  Not that I don't love WIDS, I just start freaking out that maybe all of you won't.

But I'm also glad that it makes nervous, this last point.  I think that still means that I'm human.

I felt a bit panicked today, feeling like I have all this work to still do on WIDS, the release date is so close!  But when I opened the document, I realized I had no idea what to work on in it.  I don't think I can find anything to do to it until I get my edits back from the editor at the end of the week.  And it's a relief to get to that point, where I don't have anything else to do to it.

So if the nerves don't kill me over the next 23 days, you'll have this book May 11th.

*deep breaths, Keary*


Samantha Young said...

I still get really nervous with every new release too :-) I can imagine how equally nerve-wracking it must be for you if you're also sharing something so personal with everyone. All I can say is that I have no doubt that WIDS is going to be brilliant.

Have fun with the edits :-)

Jamie Manning said...

No worries, Keary...we're gonna love it!

C.J Duggan said...

The things that make me stronger and help me in my own personal freak out moments in writing, is seeing these kind of confessions.

Thanks for your honesty Keary, your absolutely right! These feelings are very natural and human. I am going through a similar roller coaster of emotions indicative of investing so much personal emotion into a piece of work.

One thing I am certain of it your amazing and can't wait for WIDS! x

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Breath! You can do it :D I love your writing. Speaking of which - Need to go finish reading Branded because I've been a good girl and working but I want to know what happens!