What I Didn't Say - Release Date and ARC requests

So, I've been dancing around this and avoiding setting a release date for What I Didn't Say for quite a while.  Part of that was because I knew there was a possibility that while I was writing it it might have to be set aside for Eden related stuff (cause of the movie deal) but thankfully things haven't clashed enough that I've had to do that.  While there is still a slim chance things may come up to delay it, it doesn't look too likely.

So I feel pretty safe finally setting a release date.  And that is:

May 11th!

This is later than I was hoping for, I had said before that I was aiming for April but because of how sick I was over the winter I had to push it back, but I'm okay with that.  Better to have the book at its best then to rush things, right?!

You may not here from me much online the next few weeks though.  I'm up to my eyeballs in wrapping up edits right now and working like a madwoman on this, lol.  I'm really hoping I can get a book trailer put together before the release but we'll see how things play out.

And lastly, I've set up a form on the What I Didn't Say page here on this blog for ARC requests.  I do require that you have a minimum of 400 followers on your blog (sorry, but each of these ARC's do cost me money).  So if you're interested in receiving a review copy, check out the page HERE and fill out the form!

I am so excited and so ready for you all to have this book in  your hands!


Cassandra said...

Ooh good luck with everything! Wish I could get an ARC but alas, I do not have 400 followers! :(

Morgan said...

Congrats on the release date Keary! So happy for you and your great success. All of your hard work will certainly pay off!

Tim Moon said...

Keary, I really like the updated background to go with the book. GREAT idea! A+ for branding awareness. :)

DJ D. said...

Yay for a release date! I'm so excited! Congrats!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Well there's a good reason for me to try to build readers, so I can request future ARC reads :P Good luck with finishing up and getting this book out!