My top 5 TV shows

I'll admit, my writing is heavily influenced by the TV shows and movies I watch.  Every book I've written came from something I watched, obviously given my own spin by my overactive imagination.  Don't believe me?  Here's the origin list:

Branded (Fall of Angels trilogy): The Phantom of The Opera.
Eden: Star Wars III
What I Didn't Say: episode of Grey's Anatomy

See?  TV is good for Keary! :)

So I thought it would be fun to make a list of my top 5 current TV shows.  Maybe someday I'll do a movies list (but that would be WAY harder, don't know how I could pick my favorites).  So here we go!

#5 - One Tree Hill
Call it a soap opera, but I guess I love the drama.  This one is kind of not current for me though.  I have actually been watching this one on Netflix so I am currently only on the second season.  But I love the relationship between Nathan and Haley.  It is at times totally ridiculous, but I guess that's why I like it.

#4 - Ringer
You'd think with the types of things I like that I would have been a total Buffy fanatic, but I have to admit, I never really got into it.  Not sure why, just didn't.  I did however watch Angel, a LOT.  But I really like this new show she is doing, Ringer.  The concept of living a double life is so interesting and it's been crazy to watch the relationships in the show change and grow and develop.

#3 - Revenge
I love the character of Nolan in this show.  He's slightly crazy, he's powerful, but a total nerd.  This is another show that kind of has a double life and I love how the main character isn't really a totally good character.  She is indeed out for revenge.  The story is starting to weaken though, late in the season.  I hope it gets back on track soon because I really like the show.

#2 - Whitney
Every once in a while I just need to laugh.  I LOVED Friends, even thought I didn't start watching it until it was getting to be older.  Honestly, I think Whitney is just as funny.  And the rumors that is going to be canceled better not be true!  Or I will soooo not be happy.  My husband often looks over at me like I've lost it when we watch this, I get laughing so hard.  Whitney and Alex are the funnest TV couple and I really, really hope there is going to be a season 2.

#1 - The Vampire Diaries
I'll admit it, I, like so many others, LOVE the Vampire Diaries.  Or the Vampire Sluteries as my husband likes to call it.  The drama, the blood, the love triangles... what's not to love?!  Cudo's to the CW for creating such a compelling (compelling, get it? haha...) show.  Love triangles can get old, but I'll admit, I do enjoy this one.  And come on Elena... Stephan is boring and cliché, Damon is sooo much better... and complex... and bad... and yummy... Okay, I'm done...


Vetsy said...

Revenge is such a good show, but im a bit behind.

Katie said...

I have to admit that I was OBSESSED with Phantom of the Opera when I was younger. The soundtrack was all I listened to for some time. I can see where Branded came from in that even though that isn't what would come to mind at first.
I also have to comment on my love for Buffy. It is still my favorite show of all time. Similar to you, I got one of my own story ideas from an episode of Buffy. I've also been inspired by the show Supernatural, but I get a lot of ideas from songs.

Jamie Manning said...

I knew there was a reason I like you--REVENGE and VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! I love these two shows, and am saddened that TVD is off till next fall :(
And I'm with you--most of my ideas come from TV and movies (TV more than movies in my case, lol). And the best part? I can watch as much TV as I want and write it off as RESEARCH!! :)

James Wynder said...

I just got Eden (and love it so far) so I am new to the website. I like your entry, it intrigued me and I have a question: what in Star Wars III gave you the idea for Eden, Vader or General Grevious OR something else?

Anonymous said...

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