My Next Release!

After a lot of secrecy and teasing, I'm finally going to let you in on one of the things I've been working on.

So, in the past I've talked about writing a prequel.

A prequel to Eden...



One week ago I thought I knew exactly how I was going to spend the rest of my life: looking at the gray walls of a prison cell. Figuring out how to survive the apocalypse wasn’t something I’d planned for. 

Yet here I was, getting a second chance at the end of the world. 

Rebirth is the 10,000 word prequel to the novel Eden.

Now, a few things about Rebirth:

  • It is NOT told from Eve's point of view.
  • Despite the fact that in the past I talked about telling the prequel from West or Avian's point of view, it isn't from either of their points of view.
  • It will be a surprise who's POV it is told from :-)  You'll have to read it to figure it out.
  • You do not have to have read Eden to get what is going on in Rebirth.  It does stand on it's own.  But they obviously very much tie together.
  • Rebirth takes place when the world is Falling apart.  So about 5 years previous to Eden.
  • It is short.  10,000 words is the equivalent to about 45 book pages.
  • It will only be available in digital form.

And the biggest things:

  • Rebirth has NO romantic factor.  This is a first for me.  This book is entirely about survival.
  • The one hint I will give you about the main character is that they are in their mid 30's.  This is also different for me.

I said coming October 2012.  That means I don't know exactly what day it will release.  Like I said earlier, this is just one of the things I've been working on lately and working on multiple projects is tricky business.  But, I will be releasing it before Halloween!  So hold tight.  Hopefully I'll have a more solid date soon.

You all excited?!  I'm excited!

If you want to add Rebirth on Goodreads  you can do so HERE!


Blacky said...

I'm looking forward to read this.I love all your books and i can't wait to read Rebirth.

Alisha said...

YaY!!! I am so excited I have been waiting for you to publish something else I have all of your books!!! I love your writing style and I can't wait to read this one as well!

Catherine Stine said...

Whoa, that compass eyeball is bada*s! I have Eden loaded in my Kindle Fire-now i have to read it so I can be ready for the prequel. Congrats!

DJ D. said...

This is very exciting news! Can't wait to read it!

Jessica S. said...

This is exciting! Can't wait to read it. :)

beccabooklover said...

I really enjoyed Eden and I'm in the process of writing my review for it! Will definitely be reading this one! Hmm I wonder who it'll be...? Exciting stuff!

Momo (Books Over Boys) said...

I loooooove the cover, that's for sure!

Kayla S said...

Ooh I'm looking forward to this!! Love the cover art yet again!!!!

Petra @ Safari Poet said...

Great cover! Look forward to it.