The jumbled, knotted mind of Keary Taylor: a story told in pictures

The plotting I've been doing lately looks a bit like this:

Not my actual writing

 And some of this:
Also not my notes
 And a wee bit of this too:
These either...

And this is how I'm trying to make it all fit together:

Nice and neat and pretty.

But this is about what my brain feels like right now:

But it is better than how I felt a few days ago:

Minus the wine...

But when I am done, I hope I feel like this:


Catherine Stine said...

Hey! It looks like modern art!!!
I do visual plot lines too. They help in a way that textual plot outlines can't. Plus, maybe you could sell them in an art gallery afterwards. Hee hee.
Catherine Stine’s Idea City

Patricia Lynne said...

Haha, that looks about right when it comes to plotting.

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