THE BANE - The Book Trailer!

I won't say too much here because what you really care about is seeing the actual trailer, right?

So here it is!

The trailer was created by California Videowork and the guys there did a really awesome job.  They were quick to get it done, very professional, and came up with something really great.  Thank you guys!

What do you think?



Jen Minkman said...

Great trailer! I still miss the 'Eden' eye, though... I thought that cover looked kick-ass! Of course, that won't stop me from buying The Bane. It's not out yet, but over here in Holland it has been the 5th of March for almost a day now! ;) I've enjoyed reading the NetGalley ARC and will buy the paperback edition ASAP (there IS one, right??)

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Eliza Gordon said...

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