THE HUMAN - Available Now!!!

That's right, you guys know me, I can't help but release a book early.


It will be available in print and in the iBook store VERY soon!  It is available from Smashwords HERE.  They have formats for any e-reader.

I had three reasons for releasing it early.
  1. I am actually going out of town to visit family on the 18th, the original release date.  That was the only time that really worked for me to go.
  2. It was almost exactly two years ago that I released the original Eden.  It seemed appropriate that I release the second book that was begged for so much on Eden's birthday.
  3. Well, it was done and ready, so I thought, why make all of you wait!
This seriously would not have happened if you guys hadn't have loved Eden so much.  I told a lot of you that no, there would not be a sequel, that I was done with the book, that was it.  But the more you asked, the more I had to think about it, the fact that there was indeed a lot more to the story.  I had to face my fears of committing to another trilogy, and decide that I missed the characters enough to give them what they needed, and that was more story.

If you have not read THE BANE (book one) yet, I just dropped the price to $2.99.  Here are the links:

Oh!  And both THE RAID: AN EDEN SHORT STORY and THE ASHES: AN EDEN PREQUEL are now available places other than for Kindle!  You can now find them on Barnes and Noble.  The will be available through the iBook store soon, but they take forever to upload.  Sorry, I'm a little linked out and being lazy about grabbing links for these ones, lol.

Now, go and grab your copy!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Melissa said...

I love love love EDEN!!!! I can't wait to give these new version a read!!!=)

Liz Cooke said...

LOVED THE HUMAN. I cannot WAIT for the third book!!! Eeek!

Joe C. Stephens said...

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