A Writer's Space

I'll admit it: when I'm working within a few weeks of a publishing date, I tend to let small things go.  Things like cleaning.  And good cooking.  And a social life.

Here is the reality of what my office looks like on the day of publication.  This is what it looked like yesterday, the day I published THE EVE:

Stuff.  Stuff everywhere...

I just have to wonder how I always have so many boxes in my office?!

To be honest, this was AFTER I had started picking things up a bit...  Shameful.

There was even a day where it looked like this...  This is what happens when 5 packages come in one day and I have no time to deal with any of them.

I pretty much live in my office for those last few weeks.  I eat in here.  I wrap packages in here.  I make calls from here.  Pretty much all but sleep in here.

So today seemed like a good day to reclaim my office, now that THE EVE is out.  Man, it felt good, lol.  So I decided to give you a little tour of my office now that it doesn't look quite like a hurricane tore through it.

Ta-da!  There she is!  My office is an octagon shape and I love it!  It can make it tricky to set up as a room, but it gives it so much character.

I don't know that a writers office can really be complete without a couch.  Sometimes you can't think creatively unless you're laying down and closing your eyes.

This would be where I keep all of my proof copies of my books, as well as the majority of my plotting notebooks.

One of my most prized possessions: a typewriter from my great-grandmother who passed away a few years ago.  This thing has so much history to it.  It is beautiful and I treasure it.

Where the "magic happens!"

My desk.  I FINALLY have dual monitors.  Makes a writers life so much easier.

This whiteboard is critical.  And huge (4 feet x 4 feet).  And it is scary when it is blank.  This morning it was filled with leftover editing/plotting notes for THE EVE.  "What is to come next" you ask?  Awesomeness.  That's what.

Ugh.  The overflowing closet that has no door.  I keep a lot of things in here.  Someday I will organize it a bit better.  And I hope that someday I have a door on it so I don't have to look at it all the time...

And in that closet there are a lot of books.  Behold, copies of the FALL OF ANGELS, old and new covers alike.  There are even a few copies of the original EDEN peaking out back there.

What I Didn't Say...

The Eden Trilogy.  Well, almost.  Copies of THE EVE will be here soon...

And the author who inhabits this space...

This room is my sanctuary.  This room is where I create worlds.  This room is where I escape to them.


Anonymous said...

This room looks like heaven (when tidy!) I do a lot of writing in my spare time, but as I do not own a desk I don't have a permanent place to write. One day I will be at the kitchen table, another sat on my bed, another on the couch. It's a pain as all my notes and various other bits of paper with important stuff scribbled on end up scattered around the house. I need one of these rooms!!!
Congratulations on the new book! :)

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