The World of EDEN

I have now been in the world of EDEN for three and a half years.  I very first started writing the first draft of Eden in June of 2010.  I was struggling to make my way through FORSAKEN.  I was hitting a wall and things just weren't working, so I decided to set it aside for a while and work on something else.  That something else was Eden.  I wrote half a first draft before I returned to FORSAKEN and set it aside.

Then I published EDEN in June of 2011, almost exactly a year after I wrote the very first words.

From there I went on to publish VINDICATED and WHAT I DIDN'T SAY.

And then I returned to the world of Eden.  Things happened.  Things changed.  And I decided that Eden needed to be a trilogy.

I've been in this world for a long time now.  Far longer than I ever expected to be in it.  Eve, Avian, West, Royce, Tristan--all the characters have become so real to me.  I can almost reach out and touch their world.  I can picture a Bane crashing through my window at any moment.  I know exactly what kind of weapons I would need to fight one off.

THE EVE, the final book in the Eden trilogy releases tomorrow.  So today I thought I'd pay homage to that world and let you step inside it with me for a while.  I will use a lot of images and songs throughout this and I will disclose now that I do not hold rights to any of them.

This is Eve.  This picture of Gillian Zinser is exactly how I picture Eve.  She is not traditionally pretty.  Her features are very sharp and angular.  She doesn't really care how her hair looks.  Cloths?  As long as they cover her body and she can move in them, she doesn't care.  Eve can take care of herself.

Avian is a rock.  98% of the time he knows what to do and he keeps his cool doing it.  He has lost nearly everyone who means anything to him and he will do anything to protect those who are left.  He's a soldier.  He's an ill-trained doctor.  He's an excellent marksman.  He is selfless.

West is fire and ice, existing in the same space.  He's lived with the weight of what his family has done for years now.  West has potential and is smarter than even he realizes.  West is driven by his passions and knows what he wants in life.

Bill is one of the simplest but most complicated characters in the story.  Bill loves his life in the post-Evolution world.  He knows how to survive.  He's good at it.  He is quiet and a man of few words but this is for a reason.  But one thing is for certain: he always has your back.

Dr. Beeson.  This is a man driven by his guilt.  If it weren't for him, Eve wouldn't be what she is today.  He's brilliant, but he almost hates himself for that fact.  He's learned his lesson and thinks he knows what is best now, even if he isn't always right.  But he'll do anything to fix his mistakes.

I have a confession: Royce is one of my favorite characters I have ever written.  I can't quite say he's my favorite, because really all my main characters are my favorite.  But I LOVE Royce.  We have bonded.  He is stubborn and always thinks he's right.  He's cocky.  But his is a LEADER.  He will do anything to protect his people.  He would literally die for them.  He is strong in ways no one can ever understand.  He is the type of man I would follow.

I am a very visual person.  Thanks to Pintrest, I could literally come up with the concept and plot for an entire book via images I find through that site.  These are some of the images that have inspired me throughout the series.

kearytaylor's  album on Photobucket

And music.  This part probably won't really mean that much to most of you. But to me, I couldn't have written these books the way I did without them.  Music touches me.  It makes me FEEL.  It makes me EXPERIENCE.  These are some of the songs that played a very vital part in creating the world of Eden.

There are some spoilers below.  Read my explanations with caution.

This is very much a song about Eve.  But there is one very specific scene this will always play during in my head.  After Eden joins the group on Los Angeles and Eve is going to the transformer to hook the Pulse directly into the power supply.  This entire scene goes with this song.

Spoiler Alert (so don't read this if you haven't read THE BANE):  This is how Avian feels toward Eve in book one.

This one is for book two.  Eve gets put through some serious s*it in this book.  But in the end, Eve is still Eve.  She isn't afraid to die, and she's going to go at what she wants with everything she's got.

Again, Eve gets put through a lot in book two.  And she has her human moments.  Every once in a while we all break.

SPOILER ALERT (so skip ahead if you haven't read THE HUMAN):  This one is for West.  He feels like he's been screwed over and in reality he's been dealt some very unfair cards.  He gets infected and wakes up only to find the girl he thinks he loves has picked the other man.  Que a lot of crap happening.
On to book three:  After everything Eve has been through in book two and in book one, she can still come out of the darkness with a bullet in her hand...

No explanation to be given here.  You will understand.

I hope this gives you a little bigger understanding of what the world of Eden is like for me.  And I hope this is somewhat like it is for you.  As authors we do our best to show you what we see, but in the end, the story isn't ours alone.  The moment we release it it becomes yours as well.  I love Eden.  I love Eve and Avian and West and everyone else.

After three and a half years though, I am ready to kiss them goodbye and move onto other characters who are begging to have the spark of life breathed into them.

Get ready.
Tomorrow, the past and future will come full circle.


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