2016 Plans and Goals

A real blog post, and not just a book announcement?  Wuuttttt?

Yep.  I thought I'd jump back on the horse for a minute and do a real post.  And with it being the beginning of 2016, what better time to talk about plans and goals?

First: my goals for 2016.  I'm not usually one to really make resolutions.  I figure why wait for the beginning of a new year to get something done, so I do it when I get the idea.  But, my one goal I do want to make is to READ more.  I only read 21 books in 2015 (yikes!) and I want to make that closer to 35 for 2016.  You can check out everything I read in 2015 HERE.

So, plans!  I think this is the first time EVER that I've shared my publishing plans for an entire year, but it's also probably the only time that I've ever planned this many books out so far.  Here is what you can expect from me in 2016, and a tiny bit of 2017.

HOUSE OF PAWNS: December 15, 2015 (yeah, I know this is already out, but only by a few weeks...)

HOUSE OF KINGS: March 8, 2016 (available for pre-order now)

UNTITLED HORROR STANDALONE: Sometime in June-ish 2016

HOUSE OF ROYALS # 4: Sometime in the fall, probably October 2016

HOUSE OF ROYALS # 5: Probably January 2017

Want a REALLY rough synopsis for that standalone?  Here you have it:

The really demented thing is that this story evolved from the most heart-wrenching, sickly sweet love story you’ve ever heard.

Her: I went to him because I couldn’t deal with the after when the before was so perfect.  I needed closure.  I needed answers to what I had found after he was gone.

Him: She came to me because the living always seek answers.  But what we found?  What we learned?  She should have left the past in its seemingly beautiful, un-deadly little box.

This.  THIS…is not a love story.  This is a possession story.  A story of lies.  A story of two faces.  This is a story of death and violent echoes from the other side.

So, are you excited for what is to come this year?  I know that I am!


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I am very intrigued. Especially about the fact about the book not being a love story.

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Nicole H. said...

Im a new fan. Just finished house of kings and can't wait for the fourth house of royals book!

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I've been a vampire aficionado since I was able to comprehend what a vampire is. Your House series is by far one of the best I've ever read. I must say though that every ounce of me is hoping that Alivia truly does turn out to be the Queen! Long live the King!!

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