So I knew I would eventually get those 5 pages figured out and last night I figured out what I'm going to do! Now I just have to find the time to write those 5 pages and then the rest of the book! Summer is so crazy for us now and I'm working so much and with the move thrown in the mix things feel impossible lately. But I've set a goal to be finished with the first draft by August 1st and to be done and have it submitted to agents before the baby comes in October. I may be ready to shoot myself by the end of the summer but that's the goal!


Lady Crystal said...

Wow, you sure are keeping busy :)
Good luck with the book and baby, the golf course, etc. Like I said, busy busy. :)

Halley said...

good luck! it is never easy to get writing! i cant wait to read the rest! its killing me!