Lots of pictures!

So I drove around Lake Samish on Tuesday and managed to snap a few pictures before my camera battery died. The aren't very good pics because I took them while I was driving so please forgive that.
General picture of the Lake with a dock in it
Driving along the road that wraps around the lake

This house is pretty close to the one I imagined as Jessica and Alex's. The outside is a bit different but it's about the same age and in just the right location and it's on a hill side and has it's own dock.

Shot down the side of the hill toward the water.

This is the house right next to it so that would make it Sal's house. It's quite a bit older than Sal's house is supposed to be but geographically this would be it.

Cole's house.

Now, since I'm posting so many pictures I'll go ahead and post pictures of some of the cast. They aren't exact but they are pretty close to how I imagine them.

Jessica Alex

Cole Emily
I haven't found anyone who is a good Sal yet but if I find her I'll let you know!
Hope you enjoyed all the pics!