I am so ready to be DONE with Branded! I have to say, I hate editing! I know it's necessary but it would be really nice to just write the first draft and be done! haha I'm about half way done with my first edit and my deadline for myself to have it finished is September 16th. I'm pretty sure I can do that but it's sometimes hard to motivate myself to sit down and do it.

I also started on my query letter and I'm fairly pleased with what I have so far. I think I am going to ask my writing group I go to once a month to take a look at it and tell me what they think. I am starting to get excited again about submitting to agents (and all the rejections I'll get, haha). Anyway, back to work!

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That is really exciting Keary! Good luck with editing ;D I love the story and am really hoping it gets published.