I've finished my final edit of Branded. Hurray! I HATE editing! It depresses me for some reason. Glad it's over! On more exciting news, I've found a graphic designer! I think he's going to do a great job and I can't wait to see what he can come up with! He thinks he can have it done in the next two weeks or sooner.

I'm a little worried about what I have to post the price on my book as. Because Amazon does the printing and the posting of it they take a big cut and if you make it available for distribution to major bookstores and such it makes your cut even more. If I do have it available to distributors other than Amazon I have to have the price at $13.99 and I only make $0.21 on each book! So basically I'm just making it so I don't lose any money on it... sigh... That's so much for a paperback book. I would have a hard time justifying paying that for a paperback. So, I'm really hoping this guy makes a killer cover for me to help with the sales. They say "don't judge a book by it's cover" but you can't help but do that. I do. First impressions are everything.

So I'm hoping I can have a copy of my book in hand in the next month or so. I'm not sure how long Amazon takes to print it once I submit it. Anyway... really exciting that I will have it in hand soon!


steve said...

I'll be happy to make sure you get at least one profit of $.21! Have to support my AF roots!

Morgan said...

I'm so happy for you! Such exciting news about your book! Though, you should probably charge more than that so that you could make more than 21 cents per book. I'm sure you've done your research but that amount just seems too little. Do you know what the average amount is?

Keary Taylor said...

That's only if other bookstores buy it. If people just buy it off of Amazon I make like $4. I'll be encouraging people to buy it off of there but I want to make sure other bookstores can get it as well, even if I don't make much.