Well then...

Isn't this a cool picture?! It's of Lake Samish, where Branded takes place. Someday I'm going to go camping there and get a really good feel for what it's like to be there. I've driven around the lake a few times but I don't think it's quite the same.

I just had a funny random thought. This picture reminded me a little of the journey of writing. You've got to walk the plank, which is scary enough, to take the risk of trying to get into the world of writing. When you reach the end of it you've just got to make the big scary jump toward the light. LOL, wow! I think this island is getting to me!

So I had this really great idea for a blog post the other day but couldn't get to it for a little while. Then when I went to do it of course I couldn't remember what I was going to write about! I hate it when that happens! Ideas come and go so fast for me! I know I forget half the "ah-ha" moments I have while plotting my books. Maybe that means I'm not having very good ideas, maybe that's just the best way to weed out the ones that aren't so good. Only the great ones stick!

The clock is ticking till Forsaken has to be done but I'm getting close! I got a lot of good writing done lately with the second draft of it. I'm a lot happier with this draft than I was with the first. I'm still struggling to make it long enough for some reason. It seems weird that it's working out that way cause it feels like there is so much going on but at the same time I'm not having to build up this whole concept and world like I did with Branded. Forsaken feels very much like it's half about the development of the characters. We don't learn a ton more about Jessica than we did in the first one but Alex of course gets explored a whole lot more since the book is about 1/3 of his POV. Cole is the major player in this one though. We learn a LOT about him, where he comes from, how he got to be so evil, how he came to be the head-honcho bad guy. Emily is explored more. Sal is the only one who takes a major back seat. She'll come out a lot more in the third one though. There are 5 more characters that will come into play as well, 3 of which are in Branded, but only really mentioned.

Huh, well this post took a different turn than expected! Sorry for all the random stuff! LOL

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