Where my characters got their names from!

I thought this would be kind of fun to post. These are where my characters got their names from. I’m REALLY, REALLY not good at coming up with names so I generally try and think of someone totally random and steal their last name. The character I tag the name to doesn’t mean anything, I don’t associate the two in anyway. The name just came to mind. I usually come up with all my own first names. If you notice, all my characters have pretty simple, common names. Ya, I need to get better at that. Some of you might be surprised to find part of your name somewhere in my books…

Jessica Bailey – The name Jessica came with the idea for her character which was born before I even worked out how Branded was going to be written. Bailey was a random name I picked out of my family history.

Alex Wright – The Wrights were my next-door neighbors in Highland, UT. I never planned to keep the name Alex but when I never thought of something I liked more, it stayed. Now I can’t imagine calling him anything else!

Cole Emerson – I was actually just researching dark meaning older names and found Cole. My brother-in-laws name is actually Cole though. His wife thought it was pretty funny that I used her husband’s name for my villain. I honestly don’t remember where Emerson came from!

Emily Lewis – From my friend Jacen Lewis. Emily just fit her personality.

Sal Thomas – The Thomas’ are great family friends, good babysitters, and great supporters of my work. Sal was also born into my head with her name. Her real first name is Sally but she HATES being called that…

Rod Gepper – The only first name that came from someone, one of Justin’s friends from high school. I met him twice. Neither Rod (not the real Rod, the one in my head) nor I really like the last name of Gepper but that’s what it is, lol.

Dr. Ostler – The Ostlers lived down the street from me, John is a friend, his parents used to be my Sunday school teachers.

Denis Bailey – I don’t think I actually say Jessica’s dads name in Branded. Anyway, there is a guy on the island that looked like how I imagined dad and his last name was Bailey. I thought his first name was Denis but turns out I was wrong but the name stuck.

I think that’s everyone from Branded. Hope no one minds that I used their name!


Morgan said...

I love finding out where your characters names came from. And btw- I do the same thing- naming people from those that you know. He he. My main characters name is Aubrey- bet you can't guess where I got that name. ;D

Halley said...

aah! I really like this :)