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Maybe I'm just thick-headed but I still haven't given up on trying to get Branded off the ground. I'm hoping that someday the self-published version will get some attention but it just isn't likely. So, I sent it to Ace publishing yesterday. They are the ONLY major publishing house that accepts manuscript submissions from unagented authors. Seriously, the ONLY one! Trust me, I've looked and looked. And today I sent it to Shadow Mountain. The only real big books they have done is the Fablehaven books and The Wednesday Letters, and The Christmas Jar (I think that's what it's called, books by Jason F. Wright anyway...). They seem to do a lot of LDS books and kind of make-ya-feel-good books, so I'm not really sure it's the right place for me but I figured it couldn't hurt. My old high school English teacher is published through them. I sent him a copy and he says he's going to read it after he's done with a big research project so maybe that will give me an in! Ya never know! I also sent it out to a few more agents again. I'm well used to rejection by now so why not...

I've been thinking about achieving your dreams a lot lately. I have a new respect for successful and famous people. They have to work really hard for what they've achieved (most of them anyway...). Of course I'm mostly looking at authors. Like I totally have a worshipful respect for Stephanie Meyer. She has 3 kids and look at the books she's written! It takes SOOO much time and dedication to write a book, much less one that is as long as hers are. Seriously, she is my idol. I want to be her. She's a mom, the represents the church (LDS-I'm a member too!) well, and she's made this amazing life for herself.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to be famous. Those of you know me know that I am INCREDIBLY shy and quiet. Anything I have to say, I'll say it in writing. I clam up when having to talk in front of people. I don't want to be in the media, don't want to go on Oprah (seriously, I REALLY, REALLY don't like her...), don't want to be in the spotlight. I just want people to know my work. I want to overhear people talking about how they finished Branded and how much they loved it (or even if they hated it, as long as they finished it). Is that vain? Maybe but can't blame me too much for wanting that.

Back to the achieving your dreams thing. I think it's sad that so many people dream of doing something other than what they are doing yet never do anything about it. I really have dreamed about being a published writer since I was about 12. I wrote my first book when I was like 14 with my best friend Kim and always thought how cool would it be to be published. I've always wanted to have my work out there, to have it be known, and I'm actually trying! I'm doing everything I can to get there. I may not ever be famous and heck, I may never be published but I'm trying as hard as I can. If it ever pays off in the end it will so be worth it. And even if it never happens, at least I get the satisfaction of knowing I tried! Don't ever give up on your dreams!

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Trish said...

Well, I just got my answer to the letter I sent you.. Sorry, I just know found this post. What about Flux Publishing? At least for your YA book? They are a great publishing company and accept unagented authors still. I wish you the best of luck if you still haven't heard from them yet!