Fall of Angels, *note* NOT fallen angels

I thought of doing this post a while ago then forgot about it and got really frustrated.  Here it is now!  I've been thinking about the title of my series the "Fall of Angels" and what it means.  There are a LOT of angel contemporary fantasy novels cropping up right now (much to my dismay and delight...) and pretty much all of them are fallen angels or involved somehow with nephiliam.  Now, when I talk about my Fall of Angels I never, ever thought of them in terms of being fallen angels.  A little explanation:  In my books, everyone becomes an angel when you die.  You go through a trial once you die and the deeds of your life determine if you will be branded and sent to hell  or if you will be exalted and sent to paradise.  Once you've been judged, that is when you get your wings and become and angel.

So, when I say "Fall of Angels" I'm talking basically about the fall of everyone.  I'm talking about the things that make us fall, the mistakes we make, our frailties, essentially, what makes us human.  I'm obviously highlighting on the darker side of human nature.  I don't believe we're all doomed to go to hell.  But we all have faults.  We all do things that aren't perfect, no one is perfect. 

There you have it, no fallen angels, just fallen and imperfect people!

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