More Editing and a Request For YOUR Opinion

So, despite yesterdays too long post of the editing process I've decided to take a little bit different route. I started working on the next step of edits but it didn't feel right. I decided to go ahead and print the first copy of it. I've been working on a round of revisions for Branded (catching a few typos, working on the typesetting, etc) and I've noticed a lot of things stand out to me that I've never really noticed or thought about before. I've heard that it's good to have some time apart from your work and it's true. So, even though it's not long, I'm taking a week off of Forsaken. I can't really afford to take any more time off than that but a week will have to do. Ideally I would take a month off but the deadline doesn't permit, and honestly I don't think I could take that much time away from it.

So maybe I will work on The Ever Chronicles re-write in the next week. I got the sudden itch today to work on it. I've rekindled my love for William Colegrove! Who knows though, this weekend is going to be really busy so I may just not write at all in the next week! Weird thought... lol

Last item on the blog list today: I've been trying to come up with a title for the third book in the Fall of Angels. I've tossed around a few things but nothing has really struck me like Forsaken did. Here's what I've considered so far:


I'm liking Retribution, just thought of that one today, but it's not a adjective like my other titles. So, cast your vote below and let me know what you think! Or if you think of something else let me know in the comments!

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Nicole MacDonald said...

I do find a bit of a break helps, it's allowed me to realise how I want to change my style to make the story tighter and grittier. I know you'll find the time worth it :)