Some not so good news

I'm just going to say it up front and honest.  I'm not sure if I can finish Forsaken at this point.  I'm just not in the right mental state for it.  I'm starting to lose confidence in it, in the whole Fall of Angels series.  While there are some parts of Forsaken that I love, there is a lot of it that feels incomplete.  I just don't have the enthusiasm that I need to get it to where it should be at this point.  I hate feeling like I'm giving up, even though I'm not really, cause I'm so close.  I'm halfway through the third draft with only 2 more rounds of editing to go after that.  I just don't know if I can do it right now though.

I've been really struggling with trying to finish it lately.  It feels kind of pointless to finish a series if the first book isn't going anywhere.  About a month and a half ago I sent out another batch of query letters.  I got one request for the partial.  I hadn't heard anything from any agents for nearly a month though.  Yesterday I guess I was searching for a sign if you will, of whether or not I should continue with Forsaken.  I got two rejections yesterday.  One from the agent who requested the partial and the other from an agent I would have really loved to be represented by. 

So, I think it is going to have to go on hold.  I'm not giving up on it, I just can't do it right now.

On another not so uplifting note, I saw 2 more angel books that are coming out soon...

I think I'm going to try and work on Eden more now.  Maybe it is time for a change, something new.  Hopefully I can get back into the right frame of mind to write again.  I don't want to give up on it, I love it, it brought me out of my depression.  But at the same time I don't want to be wasting a lot of time and emotional energy and effort if I really just can't write.


Jenni Merritt said...

I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You finished a book, got it self published, and already have more books on the burner. It sounds lame, but you are my hero. You have done something I dream of doing, and make me realize that I can do it too...once I get off my butt and do it.
Dont give up! Branded is AMAZING. Every single friend I have given it to to read is madly in love with and biting at the bit for the next installment. Take a break if you need to, but don't give up. From what I hear, the publishing world is a HARD one right now. Just keep fighting and writing.
You have fans, that you do. And I am for sure one of them.

The Mecham Family said...

You said it brought you out of depression... writing is a passion for you, and you shouldn't give up. But like Jenni said, if you need it, take a break. Who knows, maybe your mind will be reenergized and you'll come up with 10 more ideas for books!

Keary Taylor said...

Thanks guys! I'm not giving up on writing. I don't think that I could. I'm too selfish, I need it for ME. I will finish Forsaken eventually, I just can't do it right now. I'm working on another project. Maybe this one will finally be the one that goes somewhere!