Covers and Updates

I've been playing in Photoshop again...

An update:

Considering that the agent who had the full decided to pass I think I'm going to upload the revised version of Branded soon.  There is still the one agent who has the first 50 pages but I'm not really counting on anything happening from that so I think it's time to move on again.  I'll start working on formatting it today or Monday. 

I was talking to my husband last night about what he thinks I should be focusing my attention on.  I feel torn between Forsaken and Eden.  He thinks I need to work on Eden for the time being.  It's what I'm passionate about right now and as he pointed out, I'm so driven right now to get an agent and that just isn't happening with Branded and certainly won't happen with Forsaken.  He also pointed out that I published Branded back in March and normally it's about a year between releases.  So, I'm taking the pressure off of myself to finish Forsaken right away.  You're just going to have to wait!  lol  I won't make you wait forever though.  Once I feel ready to work on it again, I will.  For now I'm pushing it out of my mind and moving on.

I am thinking about redoing the cover for Branded again though.  I want to find a picture of a real person and then go from there.  My husband isn't too fond of how much skin is shown in my one now... lol.  I can't blame him.  So, we'll see what I'm come up with.

So, don't panic.  Forsaken is still coming!  I may even try and come up with a creative way that those of you who are dying for it can read it... hum... we'll see how things work out.  But for now, it's onward with Eden.  BTW, I would LOVE, LOVE if you would check it out for me and let me know what you think!  It's on my website  Have a great day all!


Nicole MacDonald said...

seriously I don't even notice the skin - i'm far too mesmerised by the eye. OMG I wish I had half your skill on photoshop!! Did you do a course? Or can you recommend a book to learn it from?

And we always have to remember with agents they're looking for what's 'in' in their little world. I think heaps of amazing books get tossed to the side for this... yay for Amazon & other e publishing places!

Keary Taylor said...

haha Thanks Nicole! I've actually just been messing around on photoshop and teaching myself. I wish I could take a course, but living on a tiny island makes it hard!

You're right about agents. After getting so much feedback on Branded and seeing how it keeps getting passed over, I can't even imagine how many other writers are going through the same thing!