Eden Trailer

Here's the book trailer for Eden!  It still needs a little bit of work but what do you think?

Also, Jenni did the photoshoot and HOLY CRAP! the pictures are AMAZING!  Wow!  Seriously the new cover is going to be SOOO much better!  Hum... I think I'm going to keep the new cover under wraps though till I get the proof copy.  Then I'm thinking it will be giveaway time!


Jenni Merritt said...

I already told you...but I am liking the trailer! Cant wait to see it when you totally finish it.

And yes....keep the cover under wraps. We want it to be a total surprise lol. Thanks for asking me to help...I am having wayy to much fun with this!

Morgan said...

ooohhh I love the trailer good work!

Halley Thomas said...

NO!! I wanna see the pics sooo bad haha!! meanie

oh my holy crap this book looks so ridiculously good. if stupid publishers dont wanna publis this book the world has most definately fallen to the dark side.

Keep up the good work!!!!!