What I KNOW and what I'm going to DO

My posts always seem to come off more dark and depressing than I mean them too.  My bad.  So today I decided that I need to simply pat myself on the back and remind myself that I'm not wasting my time writing.

I KNOW Branded is good.  I've had a lot of people tell me it it's good.  In fact, I can't recall anyone telling me that they didn't like it.  It's not everyone's cup of tea, but those that read it generally tell me they love it.  In fact most people tell me they devoured it in like 2 days.  And it's original.  That is a major point that I have noticed people make about it is that it's no where close to anything else out there, no other angel books take the same take on it at all.  (It makes me wonder sometimes if it's just a little TOO out there but hey... at least it's original... lol).  I've been compared to Steven King and Dean Koontz multiple times (I think this is a compliment... I've never read any of either books...). 

Maybe my numbers aren't something to brag about but I think I've done okay considering I haven't done hardly any marketing for it.  I did a bit the first month or two it was out but that's about it.  I've sold 140 paperback and well over 100 Kindle versions.  That's got to count for something right?  Considering I only sold about 40 of those to people I personally know it makes me feel pretty good that there's another 200 people out there that I don't know who are buying my book.

People are starting to notice my book.  Very slowly, but they're noticing it.  I found a random blog that reviewed it, it was a pretty awesome review.  And another blogger who offered to review it approached me and offered to set up an entire blog tour for me in November!  I guess this is the announcement, I'm going on tour!!!  (sorry, it's just kind of cool to say that... lol)  Branded will be reviewed and featured by 15 different book review bloggers, there will be interviews, giveaways, it's going to be really big and exciting!  Maybe this will draw the attention I really need.

I KNOW Branded is good.  That's why I haven't given up on it yet.  That's the reason I keep sending it back out there, keep welcoming all the rejections.  It's never going to get out there if I give up.  And even if nothing ever happens with an agent I'll just keep going with the self-publishing.  If the agents who have the manuscript right now decide to pass and so do all the other agents who I submitted to I'll shrug my shoulders, keep my chin up and keep on writing.  That's when I'll do the second edition of Branded with all the revisions, and get back to work on Forsaken. 

I know I can write.  I'll allow myself that.  I'm not giving up and I'm never going to quit.

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Jenni Merritt said...

Im happy to see you write this.

Your writing is amazing. And people do see that. So keep doing it, dont ever stop!

We don't write to be published, we write to create.