Forsaken Excitement!

I'm finally starting to feel like I'm wrapping things up with Forsaken.  Geesh, it's only taken me about a year to get to this point...  There's still quite a bit to do but it's finally getting there.  I'm over a third of the way done with the rewrite of the first half and at the rate I'm going I should be done in less than 3 weeks with it.  That will give me plenty of time to finish up all the edits.  I got the idea that it would be really nice to have everything done before Christmas so I can give a few ARC's as Christmas gifts to a few people.

Also, I'm working on the book trailer for it as well.  This one is tough for some reason.  I can't find any music I'm very happy with for some reason.  I think all the images I've gotten together for it are pretty good though. 

Another thing, I've been working on the cover!  I've enlisted Jenni to help me again and it's coming along very nicely.  I am in love with the cover image and Jenni just keeps making it more and more amazing! 

So, I'm thinking of trying to do a big November 1st reveal.  If I can get everything done in time, wrap up the cover and trailer, I want to do a big show off on here.  That will also be my kick off to the blog tour.  It's so exciting, there is so much happening lately with writing stuff, it's great!

For your enjoyment, the Branded trailer:

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