Starting to question my sanity...

It's not uncommon for me to dream about a TV show or a movie that I watched right before bed.  I do it fairly frequently.  I've dreamed about The Office, Veronica Mars, Friends, all kinds of shows.  Last night my husband and I watched an episode of "Better off Ted" before going to bed.  It's a comedy that revolves around this company, Veridian Dynamics, that invents things that are usually a bit questionable.  The also make a lot of things for the government for warfare. 

So in my dream it was like I was having a flashback and was doing a documentary on the company.  The project they were working on?  Technology that can infuse with human tissue and grow new limbs, organs, etc. but are actually cybernetic.  This would be "the infection" from my novel Eden.  I was trying to warn them that this was going to destroy the world but it was like no one could see or hear me. 

Wow, I think I get a little too into my writing...  I love dreaming about my books but seriously... maybe I'm starting to go crazy... lol

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steve said...

That's usually how I end up writing a new chapter for The Nemesis Diary! That's also how I got the idea to write it! Glad I'm not the only one losing it!