Weird and wonderful feelings!

Kari from The Teen Book Scene emailed me most of the question's, interviews, and guest post topics yesterday for my blog tour in November.  As I was reading them my stomach filled with massive amounts of butterflies and I suddenly got nervous.  Things are starting to feel very real.  I don't think it's really hit me that I've actually done something until then.  I've really written a book, and made it available for people to read, and they are reading it!  I also got an email from some other random person who I have never met and have no association with, saying she loved Branded and can't wait for Forsaken.  I love those.  And then another thing hit me.  All these bloggers will be introducing me as an author.  A real, professional sounding author.  I've never really thought of myself as that, I just think of myself as a writer.  Authors are people who have books in print, bound with beautiful covers.  Oh wait...  Huh...

In other happenings, it feels like I've gotten no writing done lately.  It's been well over a week now since I've worked on Eden but that week has not been with out fruits of labor.  I've continued to work on Forsaken.  At times I wish I could clone myself, extract all traces of the Fall of Angels series from my brain and ask myself what I honestly think of it all.  Wouldn't that be nice? 

I've also been working on all these interviews and such for the tour.  It's pretty cool to be interviewed, though a little harder than I would have anticipated.  I now just have 2 guest posts to write.  One topic is what the process of transforming the idea of terrifying angels into Branded has involved.  I'm kind of intimidated by that one for some reason.  The other is on the topic of if Angels will stand the popularity test as well as the test of time like vampires have.  I'm excited for that one but also a little overwhelmed by the implications of it.  But bring it on! 

I'll post links when reviews and interviews and such start coming in, as well as the giveaways the bloggers will be hosting.  And as soon as I get the proof copy of the new Branded cover I will finally release it and let you all see its wonderfulness!


Jenni Merritt said...

SO awesome! I can't wait to see all the blog posts! Look: You're an AUTHOR!

Jackee said...

What a great feeling! Congrats, Keary. I can't wait to read the interviews. Make sure you let us know about them when they're up!