2011 Grand Plan

Happy New Years everyone!  I was a little surprised how tired I was last night.  My husband and I started watching a movie at about 8:30 and I didn't even make it a half hour into it and I was out, lol!  Then at midnight my husband got two pie tins and I'm jarred awake by him smashing them together three feet away from my face screaming happy new year!  LOL  I think I screamed but can't be totally sure...

So what is to come in 2011?  I think this is going to be a fantastic year!  I'm already off to a great start having got Forsaken out two weeks out early and this morning I hit 70,000 words with Eden!  I'm onto the last leg of it!  I'm guessing I have about 25,000 words left to write and then about another 7-10,000 words to add in once I start editing.  I'm guessing it will end up somewhere right around 100,000 words. 

What are my goals for 2011 writing-wise?  I think a lot of people have assumed that I will self-publish Eden as soon as I have finished editing it.  Eden will take the same path that Branded did.  I will get feedback once it is done in my eyes.  I'll make changes if necessary.  Then I'll start the query to agents process all over again and keep my fingers crossed that I can get signed.  If nothing happens then I'll self-publish it and make it available to all of you.  So there's goal one- make the third time the charm.

Goal two- finish up another book.  I've got a pretty extensive, not really outline, but pages of ideas, for my next project after Eden.  I haven't really come up with a title for it yet but it will be something different for me, a YA contemporary.  No fantasy, no scifi, just straight contemporary.  This will bring me up to book number five.  Hum... I wonder if I could get a first draft done before my 24th birthday in July...  We'll see.  And then if there's still time and I'm still sane, I'll try and get started on Vindicated, the third book in the Fall of Angels series.

I'm getting so close with Eden!  I've started a new writing routine and it has been working really well!  I've been getting about 2,400 words a day written and I haven't really been pushing that hard.  I'm hoping to have the first draft done in the next little while and start editing like mad.  I'd love to have it all finished by the beginning of April.  Wow, book number four!  Pretty awesome.

There you have it!  My Master Plan for this coming year!  May it be wonderful for all of you!

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