Forsaken is on Amazon!!!

That's right!  My dear friend Jenni let me know today that Forsaken is now available on Amazon!!!  So I clicked right over and there it was!  Woohoo!  *does a little dance*  It's right HERE!  Amazon is still setting up the page so the synopsis isn't there yet but I'll post it down below for you.

So now all of you need to go and get it now =)  jk  Only if you love me ;)  But seriously I will love you forever if you can help spread the word around, blogs, twitter, facebook, texting, word of mouth...

Last reminder if you haven't already let me know: if you want a signed copy I'm selling them for $12.  Just leave me a comment with your email and I will be in touch with you.  I would like to order them tonight so the sooner you can let me know the better.

YAY!  I'm so happy!  Now off to do more happy dancing!

It's been four months since Alex gave everything to save Jessica. Life should be perfect; she has Alex, she's been freed of the nightmares, and most of all- she's alive. But some things have changed, some things haven't. That's the problem. Alex still hasn't asked "the question". Jessica can't see the reason why and it's tearing her apart. He's keeping something from her.

Alex isn't the only one who has changed though. Something is different about Jessica but she doesn't understand what's happened. She just knows something's wrong, that she feels different than she used to, on a skin deep level. And it may keep her and Alex apart. Forever.
But while Alex and Jessica struggle to stay together, Cole is not about to be forgotten. There are a few things he didn't tell Jessica, about his past and her future. There are reasons why he came after her, reasons that are tied to his history that is darker than she could have ever realized.


Jenni Merritt said...

ooo soo... Does that mean you love me forever forever? hahaha

I love you too. ;)

Can't wait to read it!

Mad Scientist said...

Looks like a fun read. I'm still trying to get ahold of the first book. Can't wait tell I get to read it!

By the way the covers are scrumptious!

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